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By analyzing all the functions that an egg or egg white serves in food products, the scientists at Harvest Innovations were able to replicate these functions by creating proprietary formulas based on plant proteins and a few other natural ingredients. Customers are now able to replace 100% of the function of eggs in certain food products, or use substantially less egg resulting in the same great products with a significant cost-savings.

Product Offering

  • EggOut Fortifier C for Fresh, Dry and Food Service Pasta
  • EggOut for Bread
  • EggOut for Cake
  • EggOut for Breadings and Coatings
  • EggOut Meat Binder

Benefits and Features

  • All natural
  • Easy to use powders with excellent shelf life
  • Eliminates eggs as an allergen and Salmonella issues
  • Mimics functional properties of eggs in many applications:
    • Sweet baked goods: cakes, cookies and muffins
    • Pasta products: dried pasta, fresh pasta, food service, and frozen
    • Breads such as whole wheat
    • Meat and Seafood: breading and binding
  • Significant cost savings